The U.S. Pro/Am Ballroom Dance
Championships are renowned for the
acknowledgement and recognition
given to the student dancer.  In addition to
scholarships for FREE dance lessons of
their choice, these students received
fantastic  crown tiara, floral bouquet,
beautiful dance figurine trophy, and the
magnificent overall grand dance figurine
awards.  They were presented in a spotlight
ceremony and walked the red carpet as the
audience cheered and congratulated them
on outstanding dance achievement.

It's a Competition Where Every teacher
wins money each and every time you dance
- $15. For every 1st place, $10. For every
2nd place, and $5. For all other placements!

Stop Struggling to Find the Right Dance
Competition!  It’s Here!

It’s elegant.  It’s well organized.  It’s
professionally run.  It offers more
incentives and extras than in other
competition in the United States today.   
And best of all,it’s at a price every student
can afford and every studio will find  

Appealing to dancers of all ages, all
dance abilities, and offer a positive dance
experience for each and every attendee!

*Here’s a competition where the ballroom stays
full at all times, guaranteeing your students' dancing is
observed and appreciated by others.  

*There are structured tour activities where everyone
is included.

*Seating for every function, including meals, is rotated
daily and assigned to generate a great social ambiance
for bonding participants as a unit.

*Both students and teachers receive individual
recognition for their efforts, not just a few
professionals or top dancers.  

*Every single facet of the competition is directed
toward a positive experience at the competition and a
continuing positive experience once you return to
your studio.
Winner's Circle Promotions Present
U.S. Pro/Am Ballroom Dance Championship
Since 1973 in
Teacher Bonuses,
and Awards!
2020 Top 3 Female Student (L to R)
Grace Nosko, Harriet Shapiro, & Vicki
2020 Top Overall Female  Student
Harriet Shapiro
Club Dance
2020 Top Overall All Star  Student
Most Entries
Aneisa Blair
Winner's Circle

Cathy O'Dell,

3166 U.S. Hwy 80 E
Lowndesboro, AL


334 568 9889

please contact
your local studio or
dance instructor for
all information
registration forms,
pricing, packages,
rules and regulations
Registered with the U.S.
Government as the OFFICIAL
United States Pro/Am
Ballroom Dance